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English for Beginners (EFB)

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Speakers of English as a second language are often familiar with grammar, vocabulary and have good comprehension. However, most of these English speakers find it intimidating and even sometimes impossible to effortlessly hold a conversation in English. This training is the starting point for individuals interested in acquiring the skill of conversing in English for both their professional careers and daily lives.

  • To take the foundations of English language
  • To prepare for using English to express oneself
  • To develop language terminology for proper use

Open for all

EFB Course:


  • General review of grammar and sentence structure
    • Five major grammatical rules
    • Sentence formation
    • Question formation
    • Prepositions
  • Introduction and greetings
    • Habits, routines and interests
    • Speaking in occasions
    • Compliments
  • Jobs, careers
    • Application forms
    • Job titles and task description (org. structure)
    • Interviews, at the office, office equipment
  • Telephone speaking techniques
    • Common phrases on the phone
    • Handling business calls, personal calls
  • Giving directions
    • Phrases and prepositions to give directions
    • Learn about names of places
    • Give directions to actual places in Ramallah e.g. their work, home, draw maps
  • Traveling and business trips
    • Related terminology
    • Airports, car rentals, hotels
    • Short dialogues at such situations
  • Political words (News headlines today in Palestine)
    • Present vocabulary used to talk about the general situations in Ramallah
    • Preparation from English newspapers for group discussions in class
  • Health issues
    • Minor health problems vocabulary
    • At a clinic, talking with a doctor
    • Medical /dental care role play
  • Money and banking
    • Related terminology
    • At the bank
  • Making suggestions and recommendations
    • Structure
    • Common expressions
  • Evaluation
    • Oral and written exam


A placement test.

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English Language Program

English Language Program 5

English Language Program

English Language Program 6

Being the first most popular language known globally, English has become a highly essential skill for communication. Nowadays, English language is considered to be the portal that links its user to the world. The ELP is specially designed for professionals to improve their English for their studies and work lives.


The ELP is a cross-cultural multi-level program that aims at developing and advancing participants’ language skills. While introducing all four skills of the language; speaking, reading, writing and listening, the ELP gives substantive focus on the conversational skill which is the key tool for expression. 


Each level is a thirty-hour in-class course and out-of-class assignments that are key to achieving the desired learning outcome.


Material and training methodology are designed to develop communication skills and fluency after the completion of the program.


Adopting advanced approaches ensure participants’ engagement and consequently ultimate benefit from the courses. Along with the material, participants are exposed to business-oriented contents and up-to-date articles in order to create conversations. Furthermore, participants have the chance to meet with foreigners during some of the sessions in order to practice being in the situation.

In general, the ELP with all its courses, allows one to:

  • Develop language building techniques
  • Initiate conversations comfortably
  • Increase their terminology and phrases
  • Express verbally or in writing about daily business situations.

Anyone who wants to develop their English language skills.

ELP Courses:

Participants can sign up to any of the listed courses based on a placement test:

1.      Tips to Improve Your Language Through Reading & Listening – One day course

2.      English for Beginners – Beginners

3.      English Conversational Skills – Upper beginners

4.      Business English – Intermediate level

5.      Business English – Upper intermediate level

6.      Business English – Advanced level

 Sector-specific ELP courses:

7.      English for Banking Communication – Intermediate to advanced

8.      English for NGO Professionals – Intermediate to advanced

9.      English for Business Meetings – Intermediate to advanced

10.  English for Diplomats – Intermediate to advanced

11.  English for Law – Intermediate to advanced

12.  English for Media Professionals – Intermediate to advanced

13.  English for Executives – Intermediate to advanced

14.  ELP – Coaching – All levels


Each course requires a placement test.

To learn more fill the following form (English or Arabic) and a training consultant will call you: