About Us

Throughout its 20 years of operation, Ritaj delivers career-related education and training for Palestinian and international clients. RITAJ relies on a strong relationship with community organizations to underscore the Institute’s strong commitment to development and provide education and training opportunities that are accessible and relevant to local labour markets.

RITAJ has a unique expertise in delivering cost effective, yet inclusive, Talents Development systems that integrate and meet the needs of the diverse communities. Internationally, RITAJ has forged a successful reputation as a project manager and provider of highly-skilled expert assistance in the areas of development, cross-cutting institutional and public sector capacity building and employment-oriented skills training.

A unique feature of RITAJ is our demand-driven approach to training and education. All of our efforts are based on promoting employment for graduates, based on a sound and proven linkage with business and industry, and hence an integration into economic development. With a primary function of responding to the training needs of students and graduates, employers and the entrepreneurial community, as well the public service sectors, RITAJ is uniquely positioned to support local institution whether private, official and CSOs through manpower development, Organization development and access to markets.

RITAJ is  the  primary  community  vehicle  for  adult  education,  employee  updating  and  non-formal education and curricula are derived from industry-based sources. Cooperative and in-industry training programs. State-of-the-art learning technologies, including interactive video and skill-based training and learning opportunities. General program operations are relevant to the dynamic needs of the technology- based global economy, responsive to changing human resource and employment needs, and supportive of work force mobility and supply in relation to industrial developments and labor market demand.

RITAJ capacities as a consultancy and research firm through its highly recognized consultants and associate panel is quiet noticeable form the range of projects implemented so far.

RITAJ’s vision “Talented Palestinians…Successful and Competitive Businesses” always drives our compass to assist in creating a more competitive business environment through the concentration on manpower development, system development and access to market assistance.

RITAJ serves its purpose through four major disciplines;

  • Talent Development Services
  • Language Services
  • Convention Services
  • Consultancy & Business Development Services

Ritaj Managerial Solutions is a member at the Palestinian Trainers Association. Ritaj’s team and managing Director joined since 2016 and contributed to influencing the training policies in Palestine and addressing training approaches and methodologies.