Nisreen Musleh, Managing Director

Nisreen Musleh is the Founder and Managing Director of RITAJ Managerial Solutions in Ramallah. Under Nisreen’s leadership, RITAJ has grown into a market leader in professional training management and translation services. She believes in results-based management and utilizing management tools to achieve tangible deliverables.

Having earned a Master’s degree in American Studies, and a BA in English Education, Nisreen went on to complete the Business Executive Program at Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA, which led her to be a Human Resources Fellow at Coca-Cola Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Nisreen’s unique mix between academic excellence and practical experience, coupled with a burning desire to self-develop, placed her on a solid foundation to serve Palestine’s business community.

Having started her career in teaching and translation before launching her own business, today, Nisreen is a sought-after businesswoman leader who regularly coaches emerging entrepreneurs in developing their businesses and professional skills as well as being a leading trainer herself. Her own dynamic and diverse career path with a clear focus on economic empowerment through business generation has been recognized both locally and globally.

To contribute to the advancement of corporate leadership and economic development in Palestine, Nisreen recently completed a full term as a Board Member of the Arab Islamic Bank (AIB) and currently serves on the boards of the Palestinian Trainers’ Association (PTA) and Americans for a Vibrant Palestinian Economy (AVPE).

Nisreen engaged in various international programs which impacted her career, among which were: The Global Ambassadors Program (GAP), a Vital Voices and Bank of America partnership; Middle East Entrepreneur Training (MEET), part of the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) of the U.S. Department of State; and the Legal and Business Fellowship Program (LBFP), also a MEPI program.

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