RITAJ Roundtables is a community platform in Palestine to serve the business sector and developmental sectors. It hosts a keynote speaker, a commentator and an invitation-only audience of approximately 25 stakeholders to raise awareness and understanding on dynamic business and development issues.

Our goal is to link the private and developmental practitioners with established community resources to bridge the gap between the theory and public relations around key market issues and the actual prospective beneficiaries that have the most to gain from engaging them.RR FB CoverPhoto

Watch past RITAJ Roundtables at:

YouTube_logo_2015.svgRITAJ Roundtables offers:

  • Platform to exchange knowledge among practitioners in the marketplace.
  • A professional venue to raise critical issues to the local economy, be they in the business sector or developmental sector.

RITAJ Roundtables are:

  • Videotaped
  • Covered in local, regional and international media
  • Sponsored

Every RITAJ Roundtable participant is gifted a giveaway which is Made in Palestine.