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RITAJ Talks Series

Ritaj Managerial Solutions hosts the RITAJ Talks Series which brings renowned public speakers to give lectures on their work and share their experience. Talks are free and open to all professionals, as well as students and recent graduates who are looking to develop themselves and advance their skills.

The RITAJ Talks series includes topics and speakers from various business, investment, management, human resource development, organizational design and marketing fields.

RITAJ Talks is an interactive platform for professionals and youth to meet experts, ask questions and get to know Ritaj.

Confirmed attendees of any Ritaj Talk are eligible to receive a special discount offer to sign up for one of Ritaj’s training courses.


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Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Are the talks free and open to the public?

Yes, attending a talk is free, but seats are limited so you have to RSVP in order to reserve your seat. Ritaj will confirm your seat by email.

Are RITAJ Talks in English?

Talks happen in both Arabic or English, as announced. Feel free to attend to improve your language skills too.

Who usually attends these talks?

It depends on the topic being discussed, however past Talks have had an equal mix between students and professionals.

What is the duration expected for the event?

RITAJ Talks are scheduled for two hours and aim to start promptly, as announced. The session starts with a round of introductions by all present; this allows for networking and the speaker to understand the expectations of the audience. Usually, the speaker presents their topic in 30-40 minutes and the remaining time is used for a moderated conversation and a Q&A session.

Is a Talk only a talk?

No. Speakers are encouraged to use multimedia materials to enhance their presentation. All Ritaj halls are equipped with the latest technology. Frequently, speakers will employ PowerPoint presentations, videos and, of course, talk.

What is the venue like? How is the seating?

The venue dedicated for the RITAJ Talk series is Ritaj’s Theater Hall #105 which has a capacity to seat 55 persons. However, for smaller audiences a RITAJ Talk may be relocated to any of Ritaj’s other well-equipped halls.

How many people do you expect?

Interested participants are asked to reserve a seat on RITAJ Talks dedicated website. The maximum that will be confirmed a seat allocation is 50 persons. Audience size of past Talks have varied between 20 to 50 persons.

Will the event be recorded or broadcasted/streamed?

Ritaj is currently planning for the live streaming and video recording of all Talks, however this is not yet offered.

What special offers do I get when I attend a RITAJ Talk?

Each talk is in a different field depending on the guest speaker’s expertise. The special offers generally include individual discounts for attendees who are interested in signing up for one of the many training courses offered at Ritaj. For general information about what trainings are offered visit www.ritajms.com.

I am an expert or I know someone who is a good candidate to give a RITAJ Talk?

Great! We are waiting to hear from you. Contact Ritaj here.


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To receive a copy of Sam Bahour’s presentation visit: www.ritajms.com/rt-ngo-ppt

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