How to Get a Job

How to Get a Job - كيف أحصل على فرصة عمل


مع نهاية التدريب الفردي، يتمكن المشارك من

التعرف على سوق العمل –

التخطيط لدخول سوق العمل والوصول إلى فرص وظيفية –

تطوير الأدوات التي تساعد على دخول سوق العمل –

تطوير المهارات التي تبين “لم أنت” دونا عن جموع الخريجين –

تطبيق عملي لكل خطوات إيجاد وظيفة –


التخلص من مقولة “أي اشي المهم أشتغل” والعمل على تنظيم وهندمة الذات المهنية –

كيف أبدأ —


تحديد العلامة التجارية المهنية –

استكشاف المهارات والقدرات الشخصية —

إعداد سيرة ذاتية احترافية —

تحديد الهدف المهني —


البحث الأولي عن القطاعات والمؤسسات المحلية –

إعداد خطة سوقية —

اعداد رسالة ابداء اهتمام —

إعداد سيرة ذاتية مهنية (تعكس القدرات والإمكانات أكثر من أن صاحبها خريج جديد) —

ادراج بعض الوظائف المستهدفة —


الاستعداد لدخول السوق –

الاطلاع على بعض الأوصاف الوظيفية للوظيفة المستهدفة —

إعداد خطة سوقية للبحث عن وظائف —

تجنب عشوائية التقديم للشواغر الوظيفية —

آليات التواصل مع المؤسسات بشكل مبادر —

توظيف الأدوات المساندة للبحث للعمل —

التعامل مع الواسطة والمحاباة —


الاستعداد لخوض مقابلة عمل –

كيف أستعد —

الخوض في مقابلة تجريبية —


تطبيق عملي –

مرافقة أثناء القيام بمقابلة عمل حقيقية —

ملاحظات بناءة وتطويرية على الأداء في المقابلة —


قانون العمل حقوق وواجبات –


خلق الفرصة –

ماذا عن التطوع —

هل أبحث عن مرشد —


أهمية وكيفية المتابعة –

ماذا بعد —

التشبيك —


خطوات تطوير ذاتي للغة الإنجليزية –

الخطوات وتطبيقها —

بعض المصادر المساندة —


لا يوجد

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Financial Reports for Non-Financial Professionals (FRNP)

Financial Reports for Non-Financial Professionals (FRNP)


Upon completion of this program, the trainee will be able to:

  1. Understand the fundamental principles of accounting & finance to increase your planning, costing, and budgeting skills in the CEO role.
  2. Understand the financial terminology and basic concepts
  3. Handle dealings with the finance department at the organization
  4. Apply and evaluate financial information in a simulated case setting
  5. Increase the ability to participate in financial decision making
  6. Comply with donor reporting requirements and special financial models.


  • Introducing Accounting and Financial Statements
    • What Is Accounting?
    • Who Uses Accounting Information?
    • Financial Statements
    • How Different Business Entities Present Accounting Information
  • Accounting Principles and Standards
    • Accounting Principles
    • Accounting Standards
    • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP vs IFRS)
  • The Balance Sheet and Its Components
    • Understanding the Balance Sheet
    • The Accounting Equation
    • The Components of the Balance Sheet
    • The Transactions behind the Balance Sheet
  • The Income Statement
    • Understanding the Income Statement
    • The Income Statement Illustrated
    • Transactions That Affect the Income Statement
  • Double-Entry Accounting
    • The General Journal
    • The General Ledger
    • Adjusting Journal Entries
    • Closing Journal Entries
    • Excel Fundamentals for Finance
  • Preparing and Using a Statement of Cash Flows
    • What is a Statement of Cash Flows?
    • Cash and Cash Equivalents
    • The Statement of Cash Flows Illustrated
  • Budgeting for Your Business
    • What Is a Budget?
    • Planning and Control
    • Advantages of Budgeting
    • The Master Budget
    • Sales Budget
    • Capital Budget
    • Budgeted Income Statement
    • The Cash Budget
  • Fund Management Reporting Requirements
    • Fund-based reporting requirements
    • Project management accounting cycle
    • Fund accounting operating cycle
    • HR and payroll accounting
    • Procurement process accounting
    • Financial & Accounting procedures development
    • Annual Report
  • Financial Analysis
    • Reading Financial Statements
    • Financial Analysis overview
    • Income Statement Analysis
    • Balance Sheet analysis
    • Cash Flow statement analysis and rations
    • Rate of Return and Profitability ratios
  • Audits and Auditors
    • What Is an Audit?
    • Types of Auditors
    • The Standard Audit Opinion Illustrated
    • Why Audits Are Useful to You



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Procurement for Non-Procurement Officers (P4NP)

Procurement for Non-Procurement Officers (P4NP)


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the end-to-end procurement process.
  • Describe the risks and opportunities in procurement and identify the controls that are appropriate to manage the process.
  • Apply a variety of principles to simple and/or lower-value acquisitions to manage acquisitions both from existing contractual solutions and when no arrangements exist.


  • Introduction to the procurement cycle
  • Types of procurement
  • Procurement Case study (What could go wrong in the procurement process what the opportunities might be)
  • Overview of how the procurement process can deliver value for money
  • Risks and opportunities in the procurement process
  • The procurement process
    • Writing the specification
    • Understanding suppliers and the market
    • Developing a procurement plan
    • Managing the bid process
    • Evaluating offers and selecting the best offer
    • Making sure that we get what we paid for
  • A vendor’s list management
    • Steps to building a list
    • What information to document
  • Challenges that a procurement officer may encounter


Familiarity with administrative procedures.

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Marketing and Sales of Hi-Tech Products and Services (MSHTPS)

Marketing and Sales of Hi-Tech Products and Services (MSHTPS)

This course will be conducted by RITAJ Managerial Solutions for middle managers and young professionals in the Palestinian organizations and companies, who works in the field of business development, marketing, sales, or customer services of Technology-Based products and services, such as IT companies, Telecom Operators, ISPs, IT startup companies, and IT entrepreneurs.

The goal of this course is to provide the trainees with the appropriate conceptual and managerial frameworks required for high tech business success. This course synthesizes decision frameworks and strategies that reflect best practices in the area of high-technology marketing and sales. It offers a cutting-edge treatment of research and practice related to the marketing and sales of technology based products and services, supported by various examples, case studies, and applications.


  1. Characteristics of High-Technology Industries
  2. Customer Relationship Marketing in the Context of High Technology Products
  3. Marketing Research in High- Technology Markets
  4. Brand Strategy for High-tech products
  5. Development of New Products and Management Issues
  6. Distribution channels in high tech markets
  7. Pricing Issues in High-Technology Markets
  8. Advertising and Promotion in High- Technology Markets
  9. The selling process of high-tech products
  10. Strategic considerations in Marketing Communications


Principles of Sales and Marketing

Meet the trainer

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Translation and Language Services

Translation and Language Services

Our team is at the ready to provide tailored, world-class language solutions to serve all your professional language service needs.



Any other languages may be considered by request and on a case-by-case basis.


At the hands of our team, translation is more of inter-lingual discourse analysis. Your words, their shadows, and senses are safely shipped from one cultural, functional, linguistic shore to another. We promise your document won’t smell translated.

We will be your tongue while delivering your precise message to your target audience. Let us handle the how of the linguistic aspect and your event (i.e., conference, meeting, field visit, etc.) will flawlessly flow.

We take pride in the quality of our interpretation services, which are brought to you at the hands of top-caliber interpreters with relevant sector experience.

Be it a consecutive or simultaneous mission, we are confident that our interpreters will help your event, or even a doctor’s appointment, meet its ends.

With Ritaj, your audio and visual materials will be accessible by your target audience in their mother tongue language.

Our subtitle translators are fully aware of how to strike the balance between the picture that speaks volumes, the sound, and the linguistic message in pursuit of enjoyable, accurate audiovisual material.

Ritaj’s extensive experience in co-facilitation and interpretation led us to develop a specialized team where the interpreter not only translates from the source language to the target language but complements the trainer as well.

This service has been developed to fit workshop and training settings.

At Ritaj, we cater our content writing solutions to outstrip your expectations. We will help you flesh out your ideas in the best way possible in writing.

With nearly two decades of experience, we are the best suited to make the best out of your unedited documents. Shoot them our way, and we will have them ready for publication in record time.

We tailor our editing services to meet your requirements.

Errata, typos, common mistakes are part of the course of writing. Put your feet up and relax as we ensure your document is linguistically error-free.

Our Translators...

Ritaj constantly thrives to incorporate experienced, industry-specific translators among the team.
Educated in Palestine and abroad, the team has developed solid translation skills as well as cultural awareness to ensure that messages are received as intended.

Our diverse team members are currently residing in the United States, Canada, and across the Middle East, as well as Palestine. This ensures continuous language and cultural development, as well as being exposed to up-to-date changes in a multitude of industries.

Our Interpreters...

Ritaj’s interpreting team has a proven track record in delivering professional interpreting services with experience among team members ranging between 9-19 years.

All team members follow a standard preparation process for any interpreting event to ensure quality and the highest accuracy in conveying the message.

Our Team Leader...

Ms. Nisreen Musleh has over 19 years of experience in the field of language services particularly translation, interpreting, and editing.

In 2007, she has established and now is the Team Leader of Ritaj’s Language Service Department. Her core value is to maintain top-quality deliverables on every assignment. Her role involves strategic planning, capacity building, and driving opportunities for language services in both local and international markets.

She has also implemented the triangle approach for each project–to have a team of translators, editors, and proofreaders for each translation project–that proved its efficiency via customer satisfaction surveys.

Our translation methodology

Ritaj’s team seamlessly manages translation assignments based on the following methodology.

  1. Build a glossary to unify terminology among the translators working on the project
  2. Ensure that all graphs, footnotes, or any other parts of the document are open source and can be reproduced in the target document
  3. Submit a sample part of the document for technical approval by client
  1. Clarify any needed terminology, check for reference material 
  2. Agree on the suitability of the set deadline and target document review process
  3. Assign someone from the client’s staff to proofread the document
  1. The team leader assigns the translation projects and oversees the translation process
  2. Translators edit the translated target documents
  3. Team leader proofreads and confirms compliance with assignment’s glossary
  1. Client receives the documents in target language for review and feedback, if any
  2. Team leader follows up with client in case any further edits are needed.
  1. Make adjustments as per client’s feedback

Sample of our clients

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Madleen Mamoun

Our Language Services Department Coordinator is standing by to discuss how Ritaj may serve your needs.

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Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Part I

Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Part I


Upon completion, the trainee will be better able to:
  1. To manage and analyze financial data to serve the decision-making process
  2. To utilize financial data for business appraisal
  3. To assess investments and valuate businesses
  4. To build up cost structures  


  • Financial statements
  • Recognition, measurement, valuation, and disclosure
  • Strategic planning
  • Budgeting concepts
  • Forecasting techniques
  • Budgeting methodologies
  • Annual profit plan and supporting schedules
  • Top-level planning and analysis
  • Cost and variance measures
  • Responsibility centers and reporting segments
  • Performance measures
  • Measurement concepts
  • Costing systems
  • Overhead costs
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business process improvement
  • Governance, risk, and compliance
  • Internal auditing
  • Systems controls and security measures
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Palestinian Labor Law (PLL)

قانون العمل الفلسطيني ولوائحه التنفيذية بين الجوانب النظرية والتطبيقات العملية
Palestinian Labor Law


مع نهاية التدريب، يتمكن المشاركون من

التعرف على بنود قانون العمل الفلسطيني ولوائحه التنفيذية وتطبيقاته في بيئة العمل

التعرف على الأنواع المختلفة لعقود العمل والآثار المترتبة على كل منها

التعرف على الحقوق المترتبة للعمال أثناء وعند انتهاء عقد العمل

التعرف على الإجراءات التي تساعد على الامتثال في تطبيق قانون العمل

توضيح دور الموارد البشرية في إدماج قانون العمل في الأنظمة الداخلية

استعراض أمثلة من بيئات الأعمال الفلسطينية والطرق المتبعة لتطبيق القانون


سيتم ذلك من خلال استعراض وشرح لأحكام قانون العمل الفلسطيني رقم 7 لسنة 2000 واللوائح الصادرة بمقتضاه، كما يلي

الباب الأول: تعاريف وأحكام عامة

الباب الثاني: التشغيل والتدريب والتوجيه المهني

الفصل الأول: التشغيل

الفصل الثاني: التدريب والتوجيه المهني

الباب الثالث: عقد العمل الفردي

الفصل الأول: تكوين العقد

الفصل الثاني: انتهاء عقد العمل الفردي

الفصل الثالث: إنهاء عقد العمل الفردي

الباب الرابع: علاقات العمل الجماعية

الفصل الأول: المفاوضة الجماعية

الفصل الثاني: اتفاق العمل الجماعي

الفصل الثالث: تسوية النزاعات العمالية الجماعية

الفصل الرابع: الإضراب والغلق

الباب الخامس: شروط وظروف العمل

الفصل الأول: ساعات العمل والراحة الأسبوعية

الفصل الثاني: الإجازات

الفصل الثالث: الأجور

الفصل الرابع: السلامة والصحة المهنية

الباب السادس: تنظيم عمل الأحداث

الباب السابع: تنظيم عمل النساء

الباب الثامن: تفتيش العمل

الباب التاسع: إصابات العمل وأمراض المهنة

الباب العاشر: العقوبات والأحكام الختامية

الفصل الأول: العقوبات

الفصل الثاني: أحكام ختامية

أبرز قرارات مجلس الوزراء/وزير العمل ذات العلاقة

قرار مجلس الوزراء رقم (121) لسنة 2005م بلائحة القواعد المنظمة للجزاءات طبقاً لقانون العمل رقم (7) لسنة 2000م

قرار مجلس الوزراء رقم (47) لسنة 2004م بلائحة الإخطار بإصابات العمل والأمراض المهنية والحوادث الجسيمة ونماذج الإحصائيات الخاصة بها

قرار مجلس الوزراء رقم (24) لسنة 2003م بنظام الفحص الطبي الدوريقرار مجلس الوزراء رقم (166) لسنة 2004 بنظام ساعات العمل والعمل الاضافي.

قرار وزير العمل رقم (7) لسنة 2017م (بشأن بدء العمل بالحد الأدنى للأجور)

قرار وزير العمل رقم (2) لسنة 2013 بشأن خدم المنازل.


:المتطلبات الأساسية

لا يوجد

لمعرفة المزيد قم بتعبئة النموذج التالي (إنجليزي أو عربي) وسيقوم مستشار التدريب بالاتصال بك

Career Coaching

Career Coaching - Customized and Private

Your Personalized Coaches

Nisreen Musleh

Nisreen Musleh is the Founder and Managing Director of RITAJ Managerial Solutions in Ramallah. Under Nisreen’s leadership, RITAJ has grown into a market leader in professional training management and translation services. She believes in results-based management and utilizing management tools to achieve tangible deliverables.

Having earned a Master’s degree in American Studies, and a BA in English Education, Nisreen went on to complete the Business Executive Program at Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA, which led her to be a Human Resources Fellow at Coca-Cola Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Nisreen’s unique mix between academic excellence and practical experience, coupled with a burning desire to self-develop, placed her on a solid foundation to serve Palestine’s business community.

Having started her career in teaching and translation before launching her own business, today, Nisreen is a sought-after businesswoman leader who regularly coaches emerging entrepreneurs in developing their businesses and professional skills as well as being a leading trainer herself. Her own dynamic and diverse career path with a clear focus on economic empowerment through business generation has been recognized both locally and globally.

To contribute to the advancement of corporate leadership and economic development in Palestine, Nisreen recently completed a full term as a Board Member of the Arab Islamic Bank (AIB) and currently serves on the boards of the Palestinian Trainers' Association (PTA) and Americans for a Vibrant Palestinian Economy (AVPE).

Sam Bahour

Sam is the founder and Managing Partner of Applied Information Management (AIM). He was instrumental in the establishment of the Palestine Telecommunications Company (PALTEL) and the Plaza Shopping Center and Bravo Supermarket.

Senior Executive experienced in start-ups, strategic planning, general and operations management, management information systems and marketing with numerous U.S. and Middle East accomplishments.

Excellent strategist with solid negotiation and financial acumen with track record for thinking out of the box.

Over 25 years of progressive management experience with proven ability to build new organizations and reorganize troubled operations.

Creative problem solver, combining expertise in market research, broad-based technical knowledge, and excellent team-building and communication abilities to optimize results.

Goal-orientated, hands-on leader with practicable business insight and ability to manage complex multiple functions simultaneously.

Specialties: start-ups, strategic planning, general and operations management, management information systems, marketing.


  • Desire to excel
  • Professionally disciplined
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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management (SCM)




Practical experience in a work environment.

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