Professional Translation Certification – PTC

Professional Translation Certification – PTC 2
Why PTC?
Who is the course for?

Professional Translation Certification (PTC) is a hands-on tailor-made programme to set fresh translators and potential professional translation seekers apart from the crowd and bring them eye to eye with the nuts and bolts of the translation industry. PTC showcases to current and potential employers and clients that you have a solid foundation of knowledge and know-how to wield a positive impact on bottom-line results and ensure professional target texts.

Why PTC?

– An eye-opener, hands-on market-oriented translation course
– A step to prepare for the Palestinian Ministry of Justice Translation Certification Examination
– An opportunity to benefit from the experience of a team of 4 trainers
– A chance to meet professional guest speakers and engage them with industry insights
– A direction on how to approach job opportunities or freelance gigs locally and internationally

Who is the course for?

PTC is a guaranteed added value, but not limited to:
– Motivated newbie translators
– Translation graduates
– Freelance translators
– English Language or Literature graduates
– Interested English language teachers
– Translation enthusiasts
– Arabic Language graduates with fluent command of English


Upon completion, the trainee will be better able to:

1. Identify research resources
2. Utilize technology tools to generate translated text
3. Translate more accurately and less literally
4. Critically proofread a translated text
5. Analytically defend one’s own translation
6. Translate from and into legalese


Welcome to the PTC training

Translator’s Research Toolkit

Microsoft (MS) Tools for Translation Purposes

Translator: as a re-writer

General Translation Skills

Terminology Building

Special Topics in Applied Translation (Guest Speakers)

Legal Translation

Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) Tools

Branding for Translators

Final Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the PTC course provide a basic translation training or is it an advanced course?

PTC is tailor-made to meet the needs of the labor market in the field of translation, it serves both experienced and inexperienced translators to elevate the translation skills. Accordingly, the prime focus of PTC is on professionalism. Safe to say that PTC is not a level-based but a competency-based training, it starts with boosting your research and analytical reading skills, utilizing your technological devices, building your terminology, and reaches to approaching translation as a process, the types of translation and the techniques of avoiding literal translation. PTC provides you with the appropriate reading plan that goes hand in hand with the topics discussed throughout the training course to foster your knowledge.

Does PTC cover all translation fields? What if I want to become a professional translator in one or two translation areas?

Bearing in mind that the translator usually gets in touch with a variety of documents, especially in case he/she works at the Palestinian labor market; the chances of getting a job opportunity as a specialized translator in one only field is little to none compared with the capacity of the market. Therefore, PTC gives the prime focus on the process, approaches, and stages of translation among a variety of topics. To list some: we focus on legal, commercial and social translation, so the first stage before getting to be specialized, and in introducing you to the steps upon which the translator gets to improve his/her skills in the desired topic.

Is the PTC course accredited? Which institute accredits the PTC?

Yes! The certificate is approved by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The goal of this training is to enable you to enter the labor market, and to that end, we at Ritaj offer our trainees two job opportunities if proved to have excellent performance throughout the training course.

Does it help with passing the Palestinian Ministry of Justice Translation Certification Examination?

Yes! PTC has a specified section that handles preparing and studying for the Palestinian Ministry of Justice Translation Certification Examination.

Is there a test at the end or at the beginning of this course to evaluate my progress? How long is the exam?

Yes, you are examined twice, once prior to the course, and once after.

I don’t live nearby Ritaj Premises. Can I take this course online?

No, you can only take the course by attending the sessions at Ritaj’s premises.

Is it necessary to have a degree to be qualified for the PTC course? Degree in what specialty?

Yes, it is a requirement to have a BA degree in language, education, or in another related field.

How will this certification help me? Will it guarantee me a job?

Yes! The first job opportunity you will be met with is at Ritaj in the Department of Languages and Translation.

Who are the instructors of this course? Are they qualified for this kind of high-level standard translation course?

The trainers are professional and experienced translators and practitioners.

Passing a ~90 minute PTC Placement Test , prior to Applying

The minimum requirements needed to succeed in this training:

English proficiency
Very good command of Arabic and English
Strong professional development motivation
Basic computer and MS skills




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