Financial Management for NGOs (FMNGO)

Financial Management for NGOs (FMNGO)


By the end of the training participants will be able to:
  • Understand the fundamental principles of finance to increase their planning, costing and budgeting skills
  • Understand the financial terminology and basic concepts
  • Handle dealings with the finance department at the organization
  • Problem-solve and improve the analytical skills in constructing rational approaches
  • Apply and evaluate financial information in a simulated case setting
  • Increase the ability to participate in financial decision making


a.      Accounting principles

b.     Introduction to accounting and bookkeeping

c.      Basic financial reports

  • Project accounting cycle, complying with project management methodology in the organization
  • Fund accounting and donor management cycle
  • Project accounting cycle, complying with project management methodology in the organization
  • Statement of financial position accounts components
    1. Cash & cash equivalent accounts, preparing the bank reconciliations
    2. Contributions and grants receivables
    3. Other receivables
    4. Investments
    5. Inventories
    6. Fixed assets
    7. Intangible assets
    8. Accounts payable – short term
    9. Other payables
    10. Long term payables
    11. Loans accounting
    12. Reserves & restrictions
    13. Net assets: Temporarily restricted – unrestricted
  • Statement of financial activities accounts components
    • Unrestricted income
    • Income from operations
    • Other gains and losses
    • Restricted income
    • Cost of projects
    • Expenses
    • Net gain or loss, changes in net assets
  • Cash flow statement
  • Cost management – profit making segments
  • Budgeting and financial forecasting
  1. Performance analysis and reporting
  2. Break even analysis
  3. Basic financial ratios for NGOs
  1. Accounting systems structure
  2. ERP systems
  3. MS Excel basic formulas for accounting and finance
  • HR and payroll accounting
  • Procurement process accounting
  • Small production activities accounting
  • Financial procedures development, and rules in finance
  • Local tax law for NGOs
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