Financial Reports for Non-Financial Professionals (FRNP)


Upon completion of this program, the trainee will be able to:

  1. Understand the fundamental principles of accounting & finance to increase your planning, costing, and budgeting skills in the CEO role.
  2. Understand the financial terminology and basic concepts
  3. Handle dealings with the finance department at the organization
  4. Apply and evaluate financial information in a simulated case setting
  5. Increase the ability to participate in financial decision making
  6. Comply with donor reporting requirements and special financial models.


  • Introducing Accounting and Financial Statements
    • What Is Accounting?
    • Who Uses Accounting Information?
    • Financial Statements
    • How Different Business Entities Present Accounting Information
  • Accounting Principles and Standards
    • Accounting Principles
    • Accounting Standards
    • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP vs IFRS)
  • The Balance Sheet and Its Components
    • Understanding the Balance Sheet
    • The Accounting Equation
    • The Components of the Balance Sheet
    • The Transactions behind the Balance Sheet
  • The Income Statement
    • Understanding the Income Statement
    • The Income Statement Illustrated
    • Transactions That Affect the Income Statement
  • Double-Entry Accounting
    • The General Journal
    • The General Ledger
    • Adjusting Journal Entries
    • Closing Journal Entries
    • Excel Fundamentals for Finance
  • Preparing and Using a Statement of Cash Flows
    • What is a Statement of Cash Flows?
    • Cash and Cash Equivalents
    • The Statement of Cash Flows Illustrated
  • Budgeting for Your Business
    • What Is a Budget?
    • Planning and Control
    • Advantages of Budgeting
    • The Master Budget
    • Sales Budget
    • Capital Budget
    • Budgeted Income Statement
    • The Cash Budget
  • Fund Management Reporting Requirements
    • Fund-based reporting requirements
    • Project management accounting cycle
    • Fund accounting operating cycle
    • HR and payroll accounting
    • Procurement process accounting
    • Financial & Accounting procedures development
    • Annual Report
  • Financial Analysis
    • Reading Financial Statements
    • Financial Analysis overview
    • Income Statement Analysis
    • Balance Sheet analysis
    • Cash Flow statement analysis and rations
    • Rate of Return and Profitability ratios
  • Audits and Auditors
    • What Is an Audit?
    • Types of Auditors
    • The Standard Audit Opinion Illustrated
    • Why Audits Are Useful to You



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