Digital Marketing - DM

Digital Marketing - DM 2

Digital Marketing has become the most needed skill to support marketing and business development. Particularly within the contemporary marketing challenges. The Digital Marketing course helps you flawlessly handle the marketing process by gathering all your content in one place and organizing it to present you well.

With the ever-changing digital space, Digital Marketing prepares you to have the specialized skills you need to understand what works now and the new best practices in the field. It also allows you to find the confidence to show how digital marketing makes an impact.

This certificate targets marketers, business owners, working employees and those with determination and ambition to acquire an in-depth knowledge on in-demand topics like analytics, social media, user experience, SEO, online advertising, email, content marketing and more.


Digital Marketing aims to:

  • Develop your social media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills
  • Advance your skills in organizational relationship
  • Promote your content marketing skills
  • Enhance your understanding of the Online Marketing Metrics
  • Grow your knowledge about the relationships and the strategies of the customers
  • Enable your forecasting skills.


  • Personal Selling and Organizational Buying
  • Customer Relationships and Strategies
  • Organizing a Sales Force
  • Organizational Relationship
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Managing Information for Marketing Insights
  • Buyers and Markets
  • The Offering – Product and Service
  • Communicate the Value Offering
  • Facebook page management, advertising, campaigns optimization, targeting and retargeting
  • Instagram advertising
  • Google ads and SEO


Bachelor’s degree and/or experience in marketing.

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