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Six-million-word translation memory and over 12 years of experience in dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s are brought into your service by our competent team of linguists and interpreters. Articulate your discourse NOW!

Our unrivaled experience and handpicked team make tight deadline missions always possible.

Our team is at the ready to tailor world-class language solutions to serve all your professional language service needs.
Ritaj offers a top-notch suite of language services, including:​

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At the hands of our team, translation is more of an interlingual discourse analysis. Your word, its shadows and senses, are safely shipped from one cultural, functional, linguistic shore to another. We promise your document won’t smell translated.


We will be your message, intonation, register, and tongue into your target audience. Let us handle the how of the linguistic aspect and your event (conference, meeting, field-visits, etc.) will flawlessly flow. We take pride in the quality of our interpretation services, which are brought to you at the hands of top-caliber interpreters with relevant sector experience. Be it a consecutive or simultaneous mission, we are sure as eggs are eggs that our interpreters will help your conference, event, or even doctor-appointment meet its ends.



With Ritaj, your audio-visual materials will be accessible by your target audience in their mother tongue language. Our subtitle translators are fully aware of how to strike the balance between the picture that speaks volumes, the sound, and the linguistic message in pursuit of enjoyable accurate audiovisual material.



Ritaj’s extensive experience in co-facilitation and interpretation led us to develop a specialized team where the interpreter does not only translate from the source language to the target language, but complements the trainer as well. This service has been developed to fit workshop and training settings.


content writing

At Ritaj, we cater our content writing solutions to outstrip your expectations. We will help you flesh out your ideas in the best way possible in writing.



With our 15 years of experience, we are the best suited to make the best out of your unedited documents. Shoot them our way, and we will have them at the ready for publication in record time. We tailor our editing services to meet your requirements.



Errata, typos, common mistakes are a par for the course of writing.  Put your feet up and relax as we ensure your document is linguistically bug-free.

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Thanks to our end-to-end work procedures, we guarantee you a seamless, natural, and accurate rendition of your messages.

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