July 22, 2017

Dear RITAJ Community,

It is with a great deal of excitement that RITAJ continues to grow in many different directions.

First, the Ritaj team would like to wish Shadia Masarani the best of luck as she has decided to move on to the next chapter of her career. Asma Musleh is the Acting Training Coordinator and may be reached at a.musleh@ritajms.com or 02-296-1333 Ext. 109.

Second, if you have visited our offices lately, you will have seen many new faces. We would like to introduce you to our newest team members:

RITAJ Project Associate

Nour joins us after graduating from Davidson College in North Carolina (USA) with a B.A in Economics. Nour combined her economics studies with languages, focusing on French, Farsi, Italian, Hebrew and Turkish. She did her study abroad year in Istanbul and worked with an amazing community of Syrian refugees in Turkey. Nour has attempted playing piano and Oud and is a cyclist, frequent hiker and lover of the outdoors.

Strategic Business Consultant
Sam may be reached via Nisreen Musleh, n.musleh@ritajms.com

Sam needs no introduction to the business community in Palestine. We are pleased to announce that he is engaged with Ritaj in a strategic business consulting role and is focused on supporting Ritaj as they plan forward to roll out new services, new products and lots more.

RITAJ Intern

Although she will only be with us until the end of the month, we also welcome Sirin Abusalha, our intern from Hungary, who has been busy for the past weeks preparing for our next Ritaj Roundtable and marketing RITAJ’s translation services to global firms. Sirin is currently undertaking a joint Master’s Degree in Applied Management at a program between Pecs University and Middlesex University in London. She has more than four years of translation experience, in addition to experience in the fields of public relation, education (teaching) and consultation.

RITAJ Roundtable Coordinator

Dr. Fayez is our newest team member and he will be coordinating one of Ritaj’s recently launched community engagement platform, RITAJ Roundtables. Dr. Fayez recently returned to Palestine after earning a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from Universite de Lorraine in France. He will be engaging the community in an effort to invoke transfer of knowledge at the practitioners level in both the business and developmental sectors.

We welcome all onboard and look forward to the exciting courses and events that are upcoming.

Lastly, be sure to take a look at RITAJ’s new website at www.ritajms.com and feel free to call on us to serve you.


Nisreen Musleh
Managing Director