Company Registration

We care for institutional development, so if a company is interested, we switch from individual fees to our hourly/daily rates. A company/organization can save a lot with this “SWITCH” and allows for greater investment in staff.

Early Bird Registration (EBR)

This is a time-sensitive promotion that you can benefit from only if you sign up before the regular registration period; this provides the greatest discount off the regular fees offered in the year the training is promoted.

Exclusive Group Pricing/Group Registration

We support friends and networks, if a group of 3 or more persons are interested in a particular training, our discounts can be surprising. Call us for more information.

Flexible Pay Plan

This promotion allows for individually customized pay plans which may include payment installments, payments by checks, and credit card payment, among others. This is Ritaj’s way of not allowing training fees to stand between you and your skill development.

Former Trainee Referral Offer

If a former Ritaj trainee refers you, you receive an additional 5% off on any open training open, including any applied promotions.

Gift It

On any occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary or even a promotion, simply gift your loved ones. Instead of gifting flowers, gift a training to advance professional competency. Our gift it cards are ready for you to use.

I Want It Now

When this offer is on, you actually receive an amount of 10% off the training cost as a gift at the end of the training if you attend all the sessions.

Last Minute Deal

Yes, you pay full price of training, but you get a bonus 2-hour coaching session, only you and the trainer! Use it now.

Percentage (%) Off

This provides a specific percentage discount off the training fee.

Preferred Prices

Our preferred prices offers an extra notch of generosity to our preferred clients. For individuals and companies, preferred prices will exceed your expectation. Call us for more information.

Ritaj For YOU

Only for women, leaders of the community, this offers a generous discount off registrations. Call us for more information.

Ritaj Scholarship

If you meet the terms and conditions, you may be eligible for 50% off listed prices. Call us to find out the scholarship terms for the training you are interested in.


Fresh graduate? If yes, benefit from the SM@RT YOU promotion, which gives you a bonus training if you sign up for one training of your choice.

Supercharge Your Learning!

Not a commonly offered promotion at Ritaj but some trainings are privileged with a few seats! This promotion allows sign up for a training course and applying the fees of one candidate to include THREE! So you, your friend and your colleague can attend a training course with the fees of one person only! This is a rare offering, so once you see it, ask about it immediately.

Training Bonus

Here Ritaj will provide a trainee with a training bonus which may include additional training hours for the same training or different training, One Day Training, etc.


This promotion allows the training course fees of one candidate to include two! So you and your friend can attend a training course with the fees of one person only!


  1. Ritaj reserves the right to limit or refuse the use of any promotion for any reason.
  2. Promotions may not be combined unless explicitly stated otherwise.